What are our processes?

At Namo, we do not outsource. We are convinced that quality is to be optimized at every step, this is why we are actors in each step of our processes.

We strive to look for the best quality of ingredients we can find on the planet. We source raw ingredients from France, Corsica, Italy, and Florida, USA. Most of them are organic ingredients, coming from a fair trade non-industrialized and smallest batches supplier. They are ethically aligned with our values, and are passionate about their work. We know all of our providers, how they produce, where every grain comes from.

We bring back ancient plant knowledge, and combine these practices - originated in Ancient Egypt and France - with the current state-of-the-art biotechnology. It is an alliance of ancient alchemy, and modern work with our 4 elements.

Who do we collaborate with?

We partnered with one of the known French Naturopath, Lionel Ros, located in Provence, right where our founder Coralie Carrier-Clerambault Moses was born. We also collaborate with a known French laboratory in Aix-en-Provence.

Besides, we have our own laboratory in Miami, Florida, and work along with one of the most known local laboratories on testing our products.

How do we produce ourselves?

Hydrosols are the pure natural water that is produced during the distillation process of fresh botanical material. They represent the true synergy of herbalism and aromatherapy, and contain all of the botanical intelligence of the plants. There is no water, alcohol, emulsifier, preservative or any other substance added. It is not an infusion, nor a blend of water and essential oil.

Namo produces its own hydrosols locally, with plants from its own garden, and organic local farms. In order to produce Namo Now for instance, we place our just harvested homegrown holy basil and lime green zest in a portuguese premium copper alembic still. We distill with one of the finest spring water.

About 100% pure hydrosols in our formulas

Our hydrosols are all 100% pure. There is no water, alcohol, emulsifier, preservative or any other substance added. It is NOT an infusion, nor a blend of water and essential oil. They are obtained by steam distillation of plant, peel, flower, or root, thanks to an ancient knowledge process. If you compare those homemade hydrosols to any commercial hydrosol: our homemade ones are about 5 times more concentrated. The hydrosols we manufacture in-house are tested by a local laboratory. The hydrosols we use are not produced as a by-product, but are produced specifically for the hydrosol - which completely changes the outcome.


Fresh plant material is distilled in order to capture cellular water present in the living plant - nutritious minerals, phytosterols, antioxidants, and other natural botanical chemicals, that gives therapeutic properties of the plant to the hydrosol, as well as its aroma. This cellular water is not present in dead plant material. The hydrosols also contain the volatile components of the plants. They are safe to any generation, babies, children, elderly and any type of skin, including sensitive skins! 


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