Lionel Ros, an inspired french beauty care creator

Lionel Ros is a unique combination of modern science and ancient wisdom. Growing up in the Provence, the flourish fields of Southern France, he was initiated at an early age in the ancient tradition of plant-distillation by his grandmother and great-grandmother. They used the distilled hydrosol, the very essence of the plant, to preserve, perfume, heal and beautify their body both on the inside and the outside. 

Slightly drifting away from his family tradition during his early adult-life, a heart attack during a holiday in Miami awoke his soul. He realized he had to continue the path of the plants and decided to enroll himself in the prestigious Swiss school renowned for their specialty in scientific aromatherapy and hydrosol therapy. After obtaining his degree, he continued studying at the French naturopathic school where he obtained the first and only diploma recognized by the French state.   

Following various specific trainings in the United States and Japan, he continued to specialize himself in the plant alchemy, honoring his ancestors and finding new ways to serve humanity using his knowledge.

Lionel signed the creation of Kabbale and Free, and some other skincare French natural formulas and rituals loved by stars and famous people in France since many years.

As he looks at his life today, he feels deep inside himself the desire to honor his grandmothers’ legacy by composing inspiring, exclusive and subtle magical natural beauty care formulations, with delicate scents, beneficent healing and vibratory power of the living. He creates tailor made subtle care and rituals for celebrities, top wellness of Saint-Tropez and the French Riviera Palaces, working with plants both on their physical and energetic body. 

Now, his life is exclusively devoted to creations from his heart, and to the freedom on the pathway of his life.



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