One of our most important missions is to give back to the world and we have created our own foundation that focuses on environmental and sustainability projects, conscious education, and women empowerment. When you invest in your self-care, $1 of your purchase goes to our foundation. You can also give to our foundation directly if it speaks to your heart. Namo gives back by transparently supporting organizations that are already doing the work and making an impact while also sponsoring events that truly matter to us. Itʼs important to us to invest in these change-makers who are both action and results oriented to make the biggest ripple of impact. Our support amplifies this impact. You support these powerful initiatives when you buy Namo products! Together, we build a community in which we grow and elevate our vibration. This is the new paradigm of business, where we all care for ourselves, our planet and one another. At Namo, our mission is to serve humanity. Serving you the best way we can is and always will be the priority and first concern. Thank you for contributing!

ENVIRONMENT - mother earth

The earth in indigenous traditions is seen as the mother who gives us everything we need. Traditionally we don’t take more from the earth then we need. We used to have a reciprocal relationship of giving and taking, by means we maintained a healthy balance and relationship with the planet. Yet, in the last years of industrialization and consumerism, it seems that we have forgotten about all of this. For that reason, Namo makes it a priority to give back to our planet supporting environmental projects. In that way, we can honor her for all that she provides us while we safely maintain our skin and heart radiant and beautiful.

EDUCATION - the old and the new generation

We believe that everything starts with education. Once you become conscious of yourself and your environment everything changes. Therefore, we teach self-love, healthy life-style, respect, joy and consciousness through fun and interactive program designed by our team of artists and experts. Both for adults and for children!

Within our children's program, we also focus on their parents or care-takers. Acknowledging how impressionable young children are, we want to make sure that the ones leading the example (the care-takers) are conscious too.

THE DIVINE FEMININE - women communities and empowerment

For the last centuries, we have been living in a patriarchal society where women lost their voice and power, naturally or forced.
Namo strives for equality and chances for both man and women remembering and honoring the divine feminine as much as the divine masculine. Practically that results in two things that we focus on: for packaging, we work with a fair-trade women corporation in India that works with local and organic products only and we support communities and initiatives like this all over the world. On the other hand, we organize workshops for all women to talk and learn about their own voice en femininity.


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