Meet Coralie

Born in the South of France, Coralie grew up with the smell of sacred plants surrounding her. That this would become part of her life mission was still unknown to the adventurous, artistic and intelligent young woman. Her intellectual and entrepreneurial capacities were noticed at an early age when she was invited to participate in the Superior Engineering School of Luminy (France) where she earned her master’s degree before specializing in business during the MBA program at Kedge Business School in China.

She then lived in four different continents, visiting over 40 countries as the youngest female project manager and director in the global renewable energy & sustainability sector. Being a key-speaker, travelling from conference to conference throughout the Americas and working 20 hours a day, Coralie realized she had something greater to develop and speak about: human wellbeing and self-love.

The first step towards this was taking care of herself. She participated in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training focusing on re-connecting with oneself and remembering the ancient knowledge of mindfulness and meditation. Her curiosity led her to the jungles of Latin America to explore the healing power of plants and rituals. Combining the former with her holistic view on wellness and wellbeing, she decided to take action and found her own company: Namo.

Namo is a conscious brand that combines the highest quality and natural skincare with transformative programs. Using high technology, science, aromatherapy and intuitive healing, Namo helps people to reconnect with themselves. This is what lies at the core of Coralie’s life mission: helping people to remember who they are, how to love themselves, and how to live from their hearts.

Nowadays, Coralie continues to connect with people around the globe, but this time as a transformational coach and alchemist exploring new techniques in plant therapy that improve well being from the inside out, aligned with who she was meant to be ever since she danced through those flourishing hills of Southern France as a little girl.


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