step 1: at any time...

whether you're starting a new day, feeling stressed at work, in the
midst of a long travel day, or just in need of a pick me up...

step 2: take a minute for yourself

simply spare a quick minute to get into a comfortable position: a
meditation posture, standing-up straight, or even while sitting down,
take a few deep breaths...

step 3: and connect!

spray a mist of namo elixir directly on your face, take a few more 
deep breaths to connect with yourself, and then use your newfound
energy to shine brighter and make the world a better place!

optimize namo's effect

place the spray around 10 inches (25 cm)
from your face

close your eyes

place your finger on the top nozzle
and press slowly until the end to
release a cloud of mist

go within, enjoy the smell, connect!

when not in use, store your namo elixir in a
cool place and avoid high temperatures


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