We know times are uncertain. We know the plethora of emotions that are being triggered. We also know how challenging it can feel to stay connected to joy.

And we know how to help.

Namo was created for seasons like these, to remember how to celebrate our aliveness, even amidst these circumstances. “With the daily stresses of life, Namo is a great way to take a pause, reminding me about the bigger picture and putting things into perspective.” - Scott Frankel.  Using biotechnology and ancient plant wisdom, we created products to help you come back to the truth of who you are while deepening your experience with self love rituals.

We understand that times are challenging, so we created Free Consultations for extra support. We are here for you!


In this Free 15 minute Consultation with our team, you’ll receive:

  • A loving, supportive space to express yourself
  • Products that are right for you and your specific needs
  • Rituals to integrate those tools into your life
  • Guidance to celebrate yourself daily 


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