namo provides you with a holistic lifestyle that nourishes and hydrates skin cells, maintaining clear, healthy skin by balancing its pH. it also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, cooling, and gentle, making it safe for all ages! namo is also an effective toner and antiseptic that enhances your immune system.

namo is a new way to be consciously inspired. besides its physical benefits, namo easily helps you de-stress and reduce anxiety. it also encourages you to connect naturally and uplift at anytime!

a hydrosol is a plant distillate which has many physical and mental benefits. namo comes directly from the source! nothing else is added to our bottles! we take only fresh organic, homegrown, plants and citrus to be distilled right away for the best quality possible!

namo is 100% hydrosol! what exactly is a hydrosol?
hydrosols are the pure natural water that is produced during the distillation process of fresh botanical material. they represent the true synergy of herbalism and aromatherapy! a hydrosol contains all of the botanical intelligence of the plants and are extremely gentle. our bottles consist of the pure aqueous remains of distilled fresh material. no added water or anything else!

how do we create them?
our hydrosols are made from plants that have just been harvested! we take our homegrown holy basil and lime to distil in a portuguese premium copper alembic still; a tradition since 1837! we zest the lime, discarding all of the white pith using just the green peel which has the most benefits. we do everything to make namo the best facial spray elixir on the market and use the purest water that can be used in the distillation process.

namo now’s benefits
namo now is composed of organic holy basil (tulsi) and lime hydrosols, and therefore contain their benefits!
the queen of herbs, holy basil is also known as a sacred plant called tulsi, with many benefits. this is where namo gets its sweet spice from! it's an antioxidant & anti-inflammatory. holy basil is uniquely calming and uplifting. it reduces stress and enhances your mood! tulsi also develops the third eye chakra, allowing us to see both inner and outer worlds.
our other key ingredient, lime, gives namo a citrusy sweet scent. its uplifting properties will raise your vibes. in addition, limes are antibacterial, clear your pores, act as an astringent, and stimulate the skin causing blood circulation. its green peel is packed with immune-boosting vitamin C, antioxidant bioflavonoids, and limonene which, among others, reduces skin inflammation and anxiety.
close your eyes, go within, open your senses, connect with yourself, be present and feel namo!


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