namo inspiration
in sanskrit, namo means to honor life
and reminds us of how important it is
to be aligned with our purpose, to be free
and to be happy namo is born
from an experience with plants of
the amazon, where plants are valued
for their healing properties

namo truth
namo is an authentic tool to
connect with oneself
it nourishes us with the pure
sweetness of Mother Earth

namo consciousness

we are an environmentally conscious
company committed to supporting
local communities and creating
mindful products that help
improve people’s lives

namo benefit
quickest meditation ever
raise your energy with 100%
fresh plant material
refreshes, revives, refocuses
hydrates, tones, fixes make up

namo sustainability
making a positive impact is of paramount
importance to us and to honor this priority
we use locally-sourced and organically
produced plants, minimal packaging,
along with fair-trade produced and
recycled materials. our commitment to
sustainability is present at every step

namo properties
all namo products are made entirely
of organic, locally sourced plants,
due to this we recommend that you
keep your namo elixir away
from high temperatures

namo process
our products are homemade and
handcrafted in a portuguese premium
copper alembic still, following tradition since 1837 our manufacturing process
retains all of the plant’s natural
properties and fragrance

words of our founder, coralie
“this last year i found myself doing tremendous work internally. 
after a ceremony, a shaman taught us about sweet plants. these plants had many healing and therapeutic properties that are useful in supporting one after such intimate exploration.
this basil infusion felt incredibly comforting and renewing. i wanted this experience available all the time, but there were so few products, and the ones i found contained chemicals or preservatives.
this led me on a journey of discovery as to how i can create a pure organically sourced product that would facilitate the connection to oneself and the elevation of energy.
namo doesn’t just come from plants. each bottle is made with a piece of my heart in dedication to the highest quality of consciousness.”


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