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  • Mind Over Body

    Mind Over Body

    "Whoever controls the media, controls the mind"- Jim Morrison   In times like these, where the mainstream media is exposed to us 24/7, we see the effectiveness of how our beliefs create our reality. If we see a picture of a street in Tel Aviv, Israel, of a bomb explosion, we believe that all Israel is in war. The reality is that on the...
  • The Truth About Your Skincare

    The Truth About Your Skincare

    Two experts in conversation about the importance of natural products Are you one of those persons that use skincare, but still from an un-conscious brand? Then you definitely want to read this. In this article, we are talking with two specialists on the topic of skincare, de-aging and the differences between good and bad skincare. Through a compilation of their questions and answers, we...
  • Hydrosols


    The forgotten essence of nature   “Waiting for that moment when the first drops of hydrosol leave the still, the birth of this other form of the plant. The odor and the resonance are extremely powerful. The plant expresses itself differently; its soul is revealed in a new way”- Cathy Skipper   What is a hydrosol? A hydrosol is the very essence of a plant...


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